Online Ordering

Save yourself the time and hassle of collecting sizes and money from all the members of your organization. Our simple online ordering system allows your members to place their individual orders and pay with their own Credit or Debit card.

Once we have design approval from you and Greek Licensing we can post your shirt design to our site.  You will receive a private link that can be shared with the other members of your organization.

We will keep the sale open as long as you like. Once everyone has placed their orders we will compile them and send you an order confirmation with final pricing and order totals.

Production time on the order  is approximately 7 business days. Once everything is printed we will individually fold, poly bag and tag the shirts with the individuals name, size and order information.

The bulk order will then be boxed for shipping or delivery to the chapter house. Local pickup is available for  organizations located in Athens, GA.  (Individual shipping for orders is not an option at this time.)

 Please note that if the number of shirts ordered is less than the amount we based your price quote on, the chapter will be billed for the difference.   Please speak with your sales rep for more information on this.